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I help innovative B2B tech companies grow their revenue through international digital marketing.

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How would it feel to take control of your marketing?

Do have a brilliant product, service or Saas that will revolutionise your field?

Marketing Strategy

Make marketing work for you, not the other way around. I implement and tried and tested blueprint for marketing campaigns that fuels growth.


Leave the marketing to my team and I, while you focus on other areas. Work with experienced marketers, graphic and UI/UX designers and developers.

Deliver Results

Get more clients and achieve your growth target. Don’t waste time figuring out a B2B marketing strategy, I implement tactics tailored to you.

You can do marketing you are proud of

Marketing for innovative, international tech companies

Strategy & Research

Understanding your business objectives always comes first. I consider our clients’ growth as the measure of our success.

SEO Optimization

I optimize your website to improve its ranking and lead conversion rate. I then create a tailored off-site SEO strategy.

Marketing & Management

I identify your target market and market to them efficiently, without you having to investing time and energy into marketing.


Best Digital Agency in the World

I Have an MBA in International Business I created a ‘marketing as a service’ agency

My name is Andra and I’m a digital marketing consultant from Bucharest, Romania. I started my career as a marketing assistant in 2011, working for an international eCommerce startup. I learned and grew a lot there in 3 years. After the first 2, the company reached 7 digit earnings. By the time I left, I was managing a team of 5 people, and my team and I were generating half of the company’s revenue.

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Best Digital Agency In The World

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“I had the pleasure of collaborating with Andra for How to Web Confierence 2016 and I was impressed by the quality of her writing, her thoroughness in research and her attention to detail. Andra brought a significant contribution to the conference by crafting content tailored to the interests of our audience: every piece of content she delivered was very well researched, with facts backed by data and research studies, delivered on time, clearly written and with a tone adapted to the one we use. I highly recommend Andra for her professionalism and dedication!”
Daniel Dragomir
Daniel Dragomir
Co-founder of How to Web and Tech Hub Bucharest
“I have worked with Andra for approximately 2 years and I can say that she is an excellent professional and a pleasure to work with. Throughout our collaboration, I have always found Andra to be a knowledgeable, focused, detail-orientated person. She was extremely helpful and creative in solving problems and responding promptly and adequately to all the requests I may have. I highly recommend Andra for all marketing and copywriting roles, as she will be a great addition to any business team.”
Petia Koleva
Petia Koleva
Founder of
“Andra has always been professional, friendly and efficient in our dealings - the perfect combination for anyone who works with people. She does her job well, which made mine a lot easier, and more enjoyable. I hope to be able to work with her in the future.”
John Shaver
John Shaver
Founder of and
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Virgil Norman
IOS Designer, London

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